Thanksgiving Reading 2016

Ireland Stories presents
Tom Quinn – Live Poetry Reading from Chicago on Thanksgiving
Produced by Paul Gent

Tom Quinn, the Irish author and poet, read selected works on Thanksgiving 2106 from Chicago. Recorded live, the reading is available here, free, in both audio and video.

The full HD video is available on YouTube:

Album – MP3s
In addition to the video, below are all the individual audio tracks in MP3 format.

Individual tracks

  1. Introduction
  2. Le Chercheur d’Or
  3. Beausang
  4. O Seasons, O Castles
  5. The Love Song of Hermes T
  6. Birth
  7. Group of 3: Golden Apple; Morning Sunlight (Love Song); Apple Blossom
  8. Magical Fruit
  9. Autumn Birth
  10. We were there
  11. Group of 2: The Orchard; The Apple
  12. Birdsong
  13. Group of 3: I am so afraid of losing the wonder; On the Death of José y Ciria de Escalante; Lamentation
  14. Taurus
  15. Shadows
  16. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
  17. Group of 3: One World, One Time; Song for Camelia; One Heart, Two Women
  18. Nada
  19. San Carlos Beach
  20. Journey into Darkness
  21. The Journey
  22. Group of 4: The Dance with Mother; Symphony; Swansong of the Stars; The Stars Journey Home
  23. Thanksgiving
  24. Lyonnesse
  25. Farewell
  26. Le Chercheur d’Or (Reprise)
  27. Ballade Solitaire