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 Tom Quinn – Live Poetry Reading from Chicago
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Letters to Therese
To mark 30 years since the writing of Letters to Therese we are now making it available to read on Ireland Stories

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One Heart, Two Women

I gave my Heart to Two Women

One Blessed me with a Crown of Gold
And Gilded Garments to Behold
A Sceptre with Globe of Gold
And Sandaled Feet she Oiled and Kissed
And Proffered me Bliss
Bright Stars upon my Eyes and Lips!

Upon the Sky of Heaven
Made me a Bed to Lie On!

The other planted in my Mouth
Seeds of Pain and seeds of Doubt
In my Heart Stars of Separation
In my Soul Stars of Desolation
She made me Eloquent with Love’s Fire
But made me Dumb to End Desire.

Upon the Black Universe
Hung Shrouds of Emptiness.

I gave my Heart to Two Women
Divided for Both to Hold
One placed it in a Box of Gold
To save from Ruin.

One gave it to the Crested Owl
To carry to the Crescent Moon

Where it Hangs upon a Dead Branch.

Rest in Peace Gorgeous and Bright Troubadour Thom Moore born on Santa Catalina Island, off California, in 1943, died on St. Patrick’s Day 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. His Song will be Sung in Heaven.

This Tom Quinn poem “The Journey” was written for him.

(Taken from the Birth and Death of Angels collection)

The Journey

On his Journey
Wave upon Wave
Held him from breaking
In the Heart of Oceans.
He held his Faith in Stars
Even as the Heavens crushed
The timber of his Dreams
To a residue of Dust.
Live, life, live, life, the Waters sang
From the depths of a drowning world
Live life, still believing, Soldier On!

There was Time and no Time
All and Nothing to be done
All the Bad Things had been said
All the Good Songs had been sung.
A Birth each breath of Ocean,
A Death each sigh of Star,
The Universe a Woman
Torn between Peace and War.
Love, life, love, life, the Winds sang
Over the darkness of a Dying World.
Love, life, still believing, Journey On!

It was the Beginning
And the End
The Lights flickering in Harbour
Called the Sailor to his Bed
Her Arms reached out to embrace
The Ship of the Living, the Ship of the Dead!
He sang to each! O Planets, Sing Me!
Music, Dance, and Harmony!
O Planets, melodiously!
One more song for Mother!

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