Ireland Stories presents
 Tom Quinn – Live Poetry Reading from Chicago
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One Heart, Two Women

I gave my Heart to Two Women

One Blessed me with a Crown of Gold
And Gilded Garments to Behold
A Sceptre with Globe of Gold
And Sandaled Feet she Oiled and Kissed
And Proffered me Bliss
Bright Stars upon my Eyes and Lips!

Upon the Sky of Heaven
Made me a Bed to Lie On!

The other planted in my Mouth
Seeds of Pain and seeds of Doubt
In my Heart Stars of Separation
In my Soul Stars of Desolation
She made me Eloquent with Love’s Fire
But made me Dumb to End Desire.

Upon the Black Universe
Hung Shrouds of Emptiness.

I gave my Heart to Two Women
Divided for Both to Hold
One placed it in a Box of Gold
To save from Ruin.

One gave it to the Crested Owl
To carry to the Crescent Moon

Where it Hangs upon a Dead Branch.

CaraVale (Dublino Giugno 2017)!

Volevo abbracciarte cento volte, e cento volte di piu…
You will find embraces everywhere
I am…
As wide and bright as the Universe
When full with Starlight.
You will find my Heart devoted
To your Heart
When your Heart is beating
As if a thousand Butterflies (so bright!)
Were taking flight
(blue green yellow gold purple violet iridescent searing Turquoise!)
all at once.
You will find where I am
A Crown for your Heart
To wear upon some high Royal Hill
Where Grasses sang green like the Sea
And Magic hid in every Tree.

The Summer came unexpected to Us
Warming us with its Heat
Holding us in its Palm…
Making our Heads spin with Dreams
And our Hearts
Where the River ran
To a Bridge we could or could not Cross.
It would be our Win or our Loss.

Under your Feet and about You
I have Green and Gold for you
And all the Lovely Brightness of Blue…
The Mysterious Magic of each Bright Star
I place upon You
(eyes forehead lips tongue!).
And where your Heart beats
I lay Mine.
So that you will know…
All you need to know.
Il posto piu bello e dove sei tu.
You are the most Beautiful Place to Be.

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